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Do you still pay your credit card monthly fee?

Despite being considered a great villain for many people, Credit Cards can be a great ally. Just know how to use it the right way, without spending more than you can and not making debts. But even when used wisely, a credit card can still have an extra cost to you: the monthly fee. How to get rid of her?

These days, if you are still paying a high amount for your card’s monthly or annual fee, you may be doing a bad business. Competition is high and there are several options that can save you a little more. Here are some tips.


1. Search for Cards with lower monthly fees… or even for FREE

credit cards

It’s raining in the wet, but the most important type is to research the various types of credit cards in the market. In the end, the ‘flags’ are usually only two, MasterCard or Visa. But as there are several distributors of these cards, each may offer different trading conditions.

So, don’t just keep your bank card. Analyze the card offer distributed by airlines, gas stations, insurance companies, supermarkets, etc. And get the most advantageous coma for you.

And there are free cards too, believe me? One example is Nubank, which is doing a lot of success not only for not charging monthly fees, but also having a digital and simple registration process. The only downside for now is the fact that you don’t have a loyalty program.


2. Keep only one credit card

2. Keep only one credit card

After choosing the best option, cancel any other cards you may have. The tip is to focus all spending on one card: the more you spend, the more benefits you can get.

Don’t be apologetic that ‘it is good to have one card from each flag’ or ‘better to have more emergency cards’. And if you happen to be using the limit on all your cards, this is a good way to force yourself to spend less too!


3. Call the family and have everyone use ‘additional’ cards for yours

3. Call the family and have everyone use

This tip may be more controversial, but with it you will further increase the concentration of spending on just one card, and thus increase your chances of gaining more perks.

The idea is also to cancel all cards of your close family members and to distribute additional cards to yours.

The big downside is that this way everyone gets to know each other’s expenses! Transparency will also help lower spending even more… but a lot of people won’t get used to such a lack of privacy!

Personal Finance: What To Do When Income Does Not Cover Bills?

We are going through a phase of adjustments in the political landscape and in the economy of the country to regain stability. At this time, new habits are being adopted by people, families and companies to try to double the odds, so that it is possible to live with quality without going through major difficulties, even at times like the present.

Thus, the “financial organization” has become a motto, and a theme we are increasingly interested in, as it can bring us solutions to balance finances in an uncomplicated way. So let’s show some simple actions we can take on a daily basis to organize our personal finances and even save. Track, put into practice and make your family financial management very efficient!


Identify the problems

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The first step in satisfying financial management is to identify problems. A thorough survey involving all gains and expenses is an essential step of the financial organization. Only with this survey, which will show the whole family financial picture, is it possible to correctly check where the money is going, how much of our monthly amount is spent on mandatory and superfluous spending – which can be cut – and how much of our monthly income is devoted loans and financing which may be rethought.


Define spending

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In the survey of expenditures, it is also indispensable that the categories be defined, that the financial picture can be clearly visualized. First, it defines all essential expenditures, such as those for food, housing, health, and education. The other expenses are intermediaries, which can be reduced, such as electricity and clothing, and those we can classify as disposable, such as leisure and gym, for example. Remembering that it is not necessary to cut these activities, but to find more economical alternatives.


Settle debts


If there are debts, consider repaying them. If necessary, make an asset that is not being useful at this time. Reassess your needs and use selling something that is not being used so much to pay off debt, and thus prevent the situation from getting worse further in the future.


Focus on control

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Carelessness in some everyday attitudes involving our finances is more common than we think. One of the biggest pitfalls we fall into is credit card, which we often use unplanned, often failing to take into consideration its interest rate – we often don’t even know its values. Therefore, find out about these values ​​and, if necessary, create new habits regarding the use of your credit card.


Consider refinancing

After the financial survey, problem identification, and expenditure definition, some actions may have to be taken in order to organize personal finances and balance the picture. A tip in this regard is to consider refinancing – vehicles, real estate and other categories, which may set lower rates and longer time to repay the property. This is a very popular option today, because it is a very simple alternative to pay off debt or even invest in something.

These are some of the possible, efficient and practical solutions for making personal finance organization a reality.

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Learn How To Make A Working Capital Loan Simulation With The Simulator

For a good business operation, working capital is required. If your business does not have it, you will first have to borrow working capital from the simulator.

When simulating a possible loan you analyze the amount of installments you will pay and its monthly amount. This will tell you if you can afford this expense.

There are various types of loans in the market and various institutions that make it. Therefore, you should research which option has the lowest rates and which one will suit you best.

Getting extra credit can be a solution to your finances, allowing you to get your business up and running again without cutting productivity costs.


Why borrow working capital in the simulator

money loan

Making a loan for working capital in the simulator is nothing more than a test, as if you were closing the contract but not closing.

The money you take will cost you more money, so you should know if this form of credit will be worth it, ie how much you will pay will outweigh the benefits you will have.

In the simulator you will see what will be the interest variation, what amount of the installments will be paid, what will be the total cost of the operation, what will be the deadline to repay the installments and many other things.

With the date you get you can know if the loan fits your budget and if you can repay it without tightening, because you don’t want to get a break in the budget.

Making a loan for working capital on the simulator before joining the contract is paramount so you are sure of what you will be charged. This ensures that money will be a help and not a headache.


Advantages of Working Capital Loaning in the Simulator

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Simulating before contracting has many advantages. Check out some of them:

  • Gain credibility

In order for you to get a loan it is crucial that you have credibility with the institution where you will do so. The manager needs to have confidence in you before lending the money.

By making a simulation you show that you are certain that the loan is the best option for you and that you are aware that you are able to afford this debt.

A person who does not seek information about payment may seem careless, as if he or she does not care what he needs to pay.

That is, when the manager realizes that you are already aware of the situation and knows that this is what he really needs, he will have greater credibility in you because he will see that you are a committed person.

  • Compare prices between lending institutions

You can use data generated in a bank simulator to compare with other data generated in a simulator of other banks. This way you can know the best proposal.

Evaluate the total price, payment methods, terms, grace period, type of installment, installment amount, interest rates and other details that will show whether a particular bank is worth or not.

Take as many simulations as possible and compare them. Consider which one is the cheapest and which one will be right for you.

  • Check if the loan fits your reality

Making a loan for working capital in the simulator will help you gauge the impact on your budget. See if it matches your financial reality.

Analyze if you can recover this money in time to pay the installments. You may sometimes find that this is not the best option.

There are several other ways to get working capital. Therefore, you should know if this is the best option for you.


How to borrow working capital in the simulator

How to borrow working capital in the simulator

The simplest way to make a simulation is by asking a financial institution. You should talk to the manager and show interest in the loan.

It will provide you with the simulation in person. If you want, there are some banks that have online simulators. There you can access and simulate yourself.

Simulation can be done simply, quickly, easily and at no cost. And you still prevent yourself from future suffocation.

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